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Pipe & Drape

There is beauty in every space

Have a ugly space and want to transform. Pipe and drape is the way to go. Pipe and drape can transform any space!


Pipe and drape is a fantastic way to completely revamp your space and turn that ugly corner into a beautiful focal point. With its easy setup and versatility, pipe and drape can truly work wonders in transforming any area.


Whether you're looking to create a stunning backdrop for an event, divide a room into sections, or simply hide imperfections, pipe and drape is the perfect solution. Let your creativity run wild as you explore the endless possibilities that pipe and drape can offer to bring new life to your space.

Our pricing starts at $100 each section

Our selection of drape colors ensures that you can find the perfect option to complement your event or space. With the capability to drape up to 10 feet in height, we can transform any area into an elegant and inviting setting. To provide you with an accurate quote, please provide us with the width and desired height of the area or room where you require drape. This information will allow us to tailor our services to your specific needs and create a beautiful ambiance that exceeds your expectations. Thank you for considering us for your drape needs.

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